Posted by Liz Willliams // Apr 02, 2024

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The Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser and How it Changed my Life


At a dental cleaning appointment in my mid-40s, the dental hygienist asked if I was using a water flosser. She mentioned that it would really help remove food and plaque and therefore prevent gum disease. In my mind, I sort of eye rolled and thought not another device and step in my grooming process. However, I realized she had a good point and figured what do I have to lose? (Well, just my teeth and I definitely do not want that!)

The dental assistant had done a quick Amazon search while I was in the dental chair. She pointed out a power flosser on Amazon which I purchased. I ended up purchasing the travel countertop version because it was smaller. Then a few months later I decided it was time to try the non-travel version. Both these models worked great and yes, they definitely clean your teeth getting at hard-to-reach places clearing out food and plaque you don’t normally achieve with brushing and flossing. My teeth and gums felt really good.

Like some habits, this one ebbs and flows. The dental hygienist originally recommended power flossing every day. Which at first it was new and exciting, and it felt really good, so I was doing it nightly. Flossing first, then water flossing, then brushing. After the honeymoon phase ended, doing it once/twice week became more of the reality.

Fast forward to two years later, when I was introduced to the Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser. I am telling you this is a complete game changer. Why is this so much better that the other brands you ask?  First of all, the obvious, it’s cordless (and compact I might add)! You can do it in the shower, which for me is preferred. Because if you’ve every water flossed you know the water spills out of your mouth and can be messy. Next, Philips QuadStream technology is superior and removes up to 99% of plaque. You definitely can feel the difference. And finally, the price point. If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck. This is the product.

The Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser truly changed my life, and I hope it will yours too.

Liz Willliams
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