Posted by Williams Helde Staff // Aug 12, 2019

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Rip It This Summer: Hyperlite Marek Bio Wakeboard Review


Summertime at the Northern lake cabin means getting an 8am wakeup call to the thrilling phrase “Suit up!” And once you hear it, you have 10 minutes to grab a towel, put on your wet suit, lifejacket and get a board from the Shred Shed.

Even though my eyes are heavy as I’m still waking up, it’s worth being up this early because you can’t get any better water than at 8am. Before the perfect morning glass is chewed up by jet skiers and wake surfers, I set up for a dock start, yell “hit it!” and the carving begins.

First and foremost, I am still a beginner wakeboarder, so I’m not doing backrolls or 360s yet. I’m lucky if I can jump half the wake. But, since I first started wakeboarding, my go-to board has always been the 140 cm Hyperlite Marek Bio.

The Marek is a 3-stage continuous rocker model which means it has three distinct planes on the bottom of the board. It is designed to give you more height and speed when you hit the wake. Because of the style, it can feel more slippery which can be intimidating, but if you just pin down your back leg, you’ll be ready to rock. The board has a back center fin which is removable for various riding or comfort levels, If you want a more advanced “buttery” feel, I recommend removing the fin.

I’m known for taking a few good face slappers which can result in a rad video, a good laugh and a sore face. Because the Marek has a moderately sharp edge, it is a dream for cutting into the wake and getting the pop you want, but easy to catch your edge and take a gnarly face slapper. It’ll slingshot you across the wake, yet give you a nice soft landing that your knees will thank you for.

I’m still learning to master this sport I’ve come to love, and my board has set me up to become an even better boarder and might even help me land a backroll one day. I cannot recommend the Hyperlite Marek Bio enough. This board is perfect for anyone who wants to dip their toe, or their board in the water and shred the gnar.

Grip it and rip it!


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