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Something to Whet Your Appetite.

It might be the change in the weather, but these days, we’re thinking a lot about food at Williams Helde. But we’ve also been doing something about it. We asked over 400 participants in ourshutterstock_285854987 Active Explorer User Group some questions about food – what they eat and why they eat, what motivates them and comforts them – and the results are starting to come in.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a series of posts about these results that caught us by surprise. We went in with some hypotheses and came out with a whole lot of insights we’re excited to share. Things like: What foods do AEs eat on the spur of the moment, and how do they think?

What kinds of “food words” inspire AEs to spend more on what they eat?

What names are top-of-mind in this segment for fast, casual food?

What’s the most surprising thing we learned about this loyal, affluent psychographic?

So if you’re at all interested in who your best potential customers are when they eat, keep an eye open for our next few posts. We promise there’s a lot of food for thought.

If you missed our last blog series about Active Explorer Travel, click here to catch up.

If you have questions about how this applies to your business specifically, contact us. We’re always hungry for fresh opportunities.

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